Adult Aquatics

It's Simple - Just Add Water!

Swimming has long been considered one of the most perfect sports because of its low injury rate and multiple benefits, regardless of ones age or ability. See for yourself, take a swim in our 86 degree Jr. Olympic Pool.

Adult Swim Lessons

6 week program. Please call for times and dates: 775-851-7171

Basic Adult Aquatic Skills
  • Become comfortable in chest deep water.
  • Introduction to fundamental aquatic locomotion which include prone float on your front and back.
  • Freestyle and backstroke.
  • Swim 25 yard nonstop using freestyle and backstroke.
Adult Stroke Development
  • Develop the techniques necessary to make swimming a fitness choice
  • Improve stroke technique, endurance, and form on freestyle and back stroke
  • Fundamentals of breaststroke and elementary backstroke
Adult Stroke Mechanics
  • Recommended for those interested in joining the Masters program
  • Competitive freestyle and backstroke, flip turns, breaststroke turn, breaststroke speed turn and pullout, and butterfly and/or turns
  • Timing, endurance, technique, form and speed for every stroke
Water Exercise

Participating in a water aerobics program can help you build or maintain your strength and muscle tone, improve the function of your heart and lungs, improve your blood flow and lose or maintain weight. Exercise of this type reduces certain activity-related stresses and provides a number of additional health benefits. Common water exercises can help you maintain joint flexibility, reduce joint pain and stiffness, improve your coordination and balance and reduce your risks of falling down.