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After an intense workout, massage can be a great tool to aide in faster recovery.  Double Diamond works with the best in Reno to offer Massage Services to our members and the Reno community.

Find out about our Massage Therapists and contact information below to book your appointment today!
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Adrienne Hardt

Massage Therapist
(775) 721-3414
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Adrienne, an experienced massage therapist of over 18 years, specializes in helping you regroup – mentally, physically and spiritually. Also gifted in knowing where your aches and pains are and in easing them through her intuitive touch, she leaves you feeling refreshed – mind, body and spirit.

Dani’s true passion has always been in health care. Shortly after achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences she began to explore ways to provide a safe and natural way to help people heal and enjoy vibrant health. Incorporating massage and energy techniques, Dani works with her clients to encourage wellness of the body, mind and soul.