Regulus Joins The Double Diamond Family!

Hello Members,

As we navigate our club re-opening through COVID, I’ve been searching for successful fitness operators to partner with at the Club. We recently added Sparkle Yoga and now have another great partnership with Regulus FIT and Owner, Miles Brazil.

Regulus FIT will provide new signature semi-private FIT classes, private performance coaching, and youth athletic development. Regulus Fit will be taking over our Parisi Speed School, Performance Studio and will be leading our Personal Trainer team.

We are excited to welcome them on board and can’t wait to share with you these new exciting services.

Regulus Launch Pic

Regulus FIT is a world class training facility for professional athletes, soccer moms, overworked bankers and tired teachers. Whether you are looking to get fit to improve your life, lose weight, get out of pain, or turn pro at your own specialty sport, Regulus FIT is the place for you. Regulus FIT aims to provide fitness solutions for all people regardless of strength, speed or skill.


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Parisi Performance Studio
Closure & Remodel
September 28 – October 11th

As we welcome Regulus to the Club – We will be remodeling our Performance Studio with a whole new look: New flooring, weight equipment, paint and more.

During this time ALL Parisi and Bootcamp classes will be canceled.

Parisi Speed School Changes to Regulus R.E.P.S

October 12th, we will relaunch our Youth Training program as Regulus R.E.P.S (Regulus Elite Performance Systems)

Existing Parisi Members will transition to the new program automatically at the same monthly rate and terms.  We will release updated Class Schedules soon.

All Parisi Membership will receive a FREE Month as we interrupt our program for the remodel.

regulus reps

Click Here for More R.E.P.S. Info!

No More Bootcamp

We will no longer offer Bootcamp classes as of September 28th. This is done to make room in the Performance Studio for Regulus FIT Classes.  I apologize to members using Bootcamp. 

Questions or feedback, please email me:

Mike Shirley
Owner, Double Diamond Athletic Club
(775) 851-7171