Martial Arts

Larry Hall's Martial Arts Legacy

For over 30 years, Martial Arts Legacy has been the area’s biggest name in Martial Arts. Bringing you the best in Martial Arts at Reno’s best fitness center! Building self confidence, discipline and respect with effective and efficient techniques, we help prepare local kids for the mental and physical challenges of life. Our program builds motor skills and burns energy in a positive environment. The confidence instilled with Martial Arts will aid in any sport or athletic program.

Goal Oriented

The 12 belt program teaches students about short term and long term goals, awarding students when they practice and work to achieve a higher ranking.


Kids ages 4+. We have age and skill specific classes that provide the opportunity to train at a rate that works with you! To get started you need a uniform available from the Martial Arts Office & an attitude to have fun and learn!

How to Get Started

Visit on of our friendly staff members or contact the front desk to schedule your FREE DEMO CLASS.

Ready to Get Started Immediately?

Program Director:

Grand Master Larry Hall
(775) 851-7171