Kids Swim School

Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons

Swim School is designed to help people of all ages and varying abilities develop their water safety, survival and swim skills. Swimmers work through age and skill appropriate levels as they master the fundamentals skill.
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How to get your child started?

Swim Skill Evaluations are the first step to join our program.

4:00pm: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Call 851-7171 to Schedule
Must be fully potty trained.

Level 1 - Water Exploration - Ages 3+
  • 30 minute lesson. 4-1 ratio
  • Designed to orient preschool-age children to the aquatic environment and to begin working on basic aquatic skill
  • Basic water safety rules
  • Enter & exit the water
  • Blowing blow through nose while bobbing
  • Front and back floating, gliding and flutter kick in prone and supine positions
  • Fundamental front crawl and backstroke
  • Under water exploration
Level 2 - Primary Skills
  • 30 minute lesson. 4-1 ratio
  • Floating, gliding, flutter kick, front crawl/freestyle, back crawl
  • Turning over from front to back and back to front
  • Retrieving object, and jumping into water over their head
  • Complete 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke and dolphin kicks
Level 3 - Stroke Skills
  • 30 minute lesson. 6-1 ratio
  • Improve stroke technique, endurance, and form on freestyle, back stroke, and elementary backstroke.
  • Retrieving object, treading water, jumping into deep water
  • Fundamentals of breaststroke.
Level 4 - Stroke Skills & Endurance
  • 45 minute lesson. 6-1 ratio
  • Timing, endurance, technique, form and speed of the following: rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, scissors kick and sidestroke, breaststroke, beginning of butterfly, intro to flip turn at wall, treading water with modified scissors, breaststroke, rotary, eggbeater kicks
  • Open end turns for freestyle and backstroke along with flag counting
  • Swim 1000-1300 yards using the above strokes
Level 5 - Advanced Stroke Skills
  • 60 minute lesson. 8-1 ratio
  • Alternate breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, dolphin kick and butterfly, open turn on front and back, and treading water
  • Flip turn for freestyle, backstroke, pull down turn for breaststroke
  • Timing, endurance, technique, form and speed for every stroke
  • Swim 1300-1500 yards using the above strokes

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Program Director:

     Christine Simone
     (775) 851-7171